UV Resistant, No Fade Security CCTV Warning Sticker – 10 X Smile You’re on Camera Decals




Price: $9.99

Looking to buy some Security Stickers that can keep those baddies away?
Protect your property, deter potential burglars! (Keep reading)

So you are worried that someone may enter your house or property. You are actually scared sometimes. You installed CCTV, security cameras or maybe you just want to pretend you have. You feel unsafe.


Maybe you tried other CCTV Sticker?
79% of Video Surveillance Decals don’t work, either are too small, they fade in the sun, they peel off fast and simply is not doing its job.
And they’re ugly too…

Quality Clever Home Security Stickers solve this problem!

Our Stickers:
– Are beautifully designed for the strongest visual impact
– Are made from Long Life materials and don’t peel off
– Have UV SUN Protective layer to prevent color fading in the sun (12 months guarantee)
– Are the optimum size for the best impact and neat look
– And it’s beautiful, the design is just N I C E

The design includes a graphic of a Security Camera and wording: SMILE, YOU’RE ON CAMERA

Thousands customers love products from Quality Clever, we are convinced you will too

Remember: If you don’t love our Stickers, we’ll refund you every penny.

So… a great choice at a great price? Go for it

Scroll up and click the yellow’ish “Add to Cart” button on the right.

PS. REMEMBER, there is 10 (TEN) of them in the pack, it’s a steal 🙂
PPS. We’re new on Amazon and people are really loving our product, as a small family business we really really appreciate it.

WILL NOT FADE : UV sun protective layer makes the colors stay vibrant for longer
10 (TEN) PER PACK: It’s a bargain as we included 10 stickers in each pack
NEAT DESIGN : Our unique design sends a strong message but also look nice and need on your window
3 HOUR RESIDUE FREE GLUE : Change your mind for up to 3 hours and the glue will not leave any marks, after this the glue sets & prevents peeling off
OPTIMUM SIZE : 4.2 inch x 2.3 inch, tested for ideal size for window corner

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