Household Essentials 195 Shirt Folding Board for Laundry – Folds T-shirts, Polos and Dress Shirts


$8.99 $5.59



Price: $8.99 - $5.59

Household Essentials Shirt Folding Board helps create a perfectly folded and stackable shirt every time, saving time, storage space (folded clothes take up less space than hanging), and frustration! The board has a simple rectangular design with smooth edges to slide easily out after a shirt is folded. Step-by-step instructions for folding t-shirts and dress shirts are pressed right into the hard surface of the folding board. This shirt folding guide is a single piece with no moving parts, making it compact and simple to use (and less likely to snag or get tangled in clothes! And with a built-in cut-out handle on top, it stores easily too. Pack it in carry-on bags and suitcases to keep clothes looking better in transit. Use it at home for clean stacks of shirts on shelves, in drawers, and in closets! It is a great way to help every member of the family learn how to fold their own clothes well. That’s a lot for such a little board to do.Black composite shirt folder for men, women, and kids (depending on size of clothing)
Includes step by step instructions for collared and non-collared shirts
Easy-glide handle makes it easy to slip out of folded shirts
Handle double as a hook for hanging in closet
12.21 Inches High x 8.45 Inches Wide x 0.20 inches Thick

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